In Person Training

Training for you and your dog where you need it.



Access professional help from anywhere.


Group Classes and Hikes

Conquer real life challenges with friends. Current clients only.

$40 /class


Coming Soon…


Did you just bring home a puppy? Rescue an adult dog? Maybe you’ve had your dog for a while but you’re ready to make your living situation more harmonious. Wether you want to fix jumping or inappropriate chewing or you just want to get around the block with all your limbs intact. I’m here to help.

Behavior Modification

Does your dog shake when they go outside or bark at every dog they see? Living with a reactive or anxious dog can be difficult. Training can help.


Do you want to take your dog exploring? Transition to off-leash? Go for a hike that’s actually relaxing? Elevation Behavior is adding group hikes for current clients. Contact Erin for more details.


Nosework is a fun sport that taps into your dog’s natural abilities to find a specific odor. Nosework can be a great way to build confidence in shy dogs, burn excess energy, and build a closer bond with your dog. Check it out.


Do you have a disability and think your dog might be able to help? Training your own Service Dog is not easy but it can be rewarding. Contact us to find out more.


Not a dog? Not a problem! Elevation Behavior offers consulting services for other species too!


Collecting data on behavior is a specialized field. How do you create a data collection system which is objective, informative, and still easy enough to use? How do you know if you are tracking too many variables or too few? Whether you want to track your criteria when training a husbandry behavior or measure how frequently your reactive dog barks, we can help.